"Peace of Mind

Comes With A Plan" 

And...that we love Beagles!

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"Peace of Mind Comes With A Plan"

​Hi...from Boots! & Duke!

​​We live in a complicated technology culture today.  Access to personal or business  information can be obtained with a click of a button in the middle of the night by most anyone.  I encourage us all to be cautious with your trust when sharing  any personal or business information today.  Remember...

"Peace of Mind Comes With A Plan"

Laurie VanderWal

Get to know Laurie...

Personally...I have been in Nebraska for many   years and it is my home.  I have a great  son.   I have two Beagles--Boots and  Duke.  I walk everyday with Duke, and I am an avid gardener, horse enthusiast, junk/garage sale maniac and Nebraska sports fan.

I have a Bachelor of Science from Colorado State University, a Master's of Art in Management from Bellevue University, am a state licensed insurance agent and insurance conusultant as well being a Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialist.  I am blessed to have received a past Small Business of the Year Award from the Bellevue Chamber of Commerce.  I truly love writing curriculum, teaching and training both business professionals and consumers. We live in a complicated technology culture today.  I encourage people to be cautious with their trust when sharing any personal information today. 

Laurie VanderWal​

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The passion for education.  Our core CE subject matter is written by me, Laurie, I've always had a passion for the privacy and security of our lives in general.   I'm not convinced someone needs to know my every keystroke.  With the explosion of the internet and the information sharing vendors on overdrive, I started researching, writing and speaking on privacy and security. 

I've spoken to local and national audiences.  As a result, the  education business has grown to host a national presence. We are passionate about teaching our insurance  professionals the need for protecting personal information.  We provide insurance education mostly through our vendor partners like collision centers, glass repair shops or fire/water restoration business.  

I have been writing insurance curriculum and teaching since 2009 and are  grateful for our CE partners and students.  

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