"Peace of Mind

Comes With A Plan" 

OSOREMARKABLE is a nonprofit organization in its infancy. 

Our goal is to create a micro business environment  while facilitating job skills and training programs for individuals who desire to be self sufficient and want to change their life and the future of their family.    Our heart is for low income adult men and women who have a family to care for; desire to be off government assistance and succesfully managing their income and lives.  

We provide a micro business, entrepreneurial environment and a set of curriculum  for students that will build confidence in their ability to thrive in a work place environment or own a micro business independently creating income for their families. 

Our core curriculum framework is training students how to create a micro business with our product portfolio built on all types of re-purposed property.  The organization  seeks out  property items like old furniture and old/used home decor discarded by consumers.  We use our creative eye and turn that property into uniquely designed one of a kind  custom home decor and furniture.  

 We collect nature items like logs, tree branches and plants, then transform them into primitive home and garden decor . Our mission is to help students see the beautiful transformation that can occur on property considered at the end of its life or items like a tree branch that are free .  Then, we want students and our supporters to see how it becomes a unique one of a kind piece that someone will treasure.    During the transformation of property, so goes the heart and mind.  We believe the students we support will also have a life transformation and go on to lead successful lives as part of their community. 

Our students  need to build self confidence  in their ability to succeed in the traditional workplace.   We believe our unique nontraditional micro business training program concept offers a variety of traditional workplace skills sets, but the environment presents in an micro-business atmosphere, organically changing, property, people and the confidence level of our students on how they perceive they can succeed in life.

 Our students need help analyzing their strengths.  They may not feel they thrive in a traditional work place environment.   Our curriculum gives them a non-traditional path to obtaining work place skills.  Looking for purpose, looking for a way to feel valued, a way to feel independent and looking for a future that looks different than the past., those are our students.  We rebuild what the future will look like.  It does not equal the past. 

We provide tools and curriculum that teach students how a micro business runs, how to grow a micro business creating an income for their family or obtaining the work skill set to transition to a traditional work place environment.  Either way, they are taking the business skills learned in our program to a successful outcome. 

Our hope is some students will see a long term vision like we see from their graduation from our  program.  They will go on to own micro businesses.  It may be creating great custom furniture or home decor pieces,  partnering in our micro business platform; interning with one of our mentoring business program or even choose an artisan contractor specialty.  Many students will move onto successful positions in a traditional workplace with the skills obtained in this micro business curriculum business model. 

Will you help?

Ordinarily Remarkable, dba osoremarkable is a nonprofit in it's infancy. 

We are just getting started.  If you would like to know more about us or want to offer funding, please contact me.  We will be setting up ways to help fund our students soon.

Thank you

Laurie VanderWal


Laurie VanderWal, Owner