"Peace of Mind

Comes With A Plan" 

We love to be in the classroom with both business owners and staff when discussing the framework for protecting business, employee and customer information.  

Visit our Preparingforcyber.com division to learn more about this resource and how we can partner with you to protect what's important and becoming more vulnerable all the time. 

  We do consulting and training on a business level.  We'l do an initial assessment, show you the resources you may already have available and then you can make an informed decision on what level we can be your cyber coach.

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There are a variety of considerations and options business should consider when refining and managing  through the maze of protecting personal and business information.

1.  Regulatory infractions.

2.  Perception of your business by others through a data breach.

3.  Cost of recovery from a breach-both forensically and practical. 

4.  How to secure the appropriate insurance coverage. 

5.  Obligations  you  have to employees and clients for the general safety of information. 


1.  Use common sense and do it yourself.

2.  Hire a consultant to assist in setting up a framework for your business to follow.

3.  Hire full time staff to manage the new challenges.  

4.  Utilize a combination of the above options--which means, CALL US for guidance.  You don't have to spend a fortune to do the right thing!

Laurie VanderWal


Preparing for Cyber...

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We're passionate about protecting personal and business information!

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​​We live in a complicated technology culture today.  Access to personal information can be obtained with a click of a button in the middle of the night by most anyone.  I encourage us all to be cautious with our trust when sharing  our personal or business information today.  Education is the best way to minimize your exposure to a compromise of information.  We provide that for our insurance professionals so they can share it with others. 

"Peace of Mind Comes With A Plan"

Laurie VanderWal