Sample policy and procedure titles...

Mobile device use policy
Vendor access management
Outside office connecting
Password management
Network security
Email management rules
Destruction of data timelines
Social media posting

Physical and administrative procedures

Lost phone procedure

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Complicated regulatory rules surrounding privacy and security of data create a liability for us and our business today.  Compliance by staff of privacy and security policies is an ongoing challenge. Our solutions create a learning environment for successful culture change on privacy and security for your organization.   

We custom design training to fit your staff, owners and vendors to ensure policy and procedures representing sample titles listed below are implemented and embraced by staff. 

We want to change the culture on privacy and security of information. 

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"Peace of Mind Comes with a Plan"

We offer tools, resources and training that support your business as you take the reasonable steps necessary to protect customer and employee data by developing and implementing solid compliance policies on the administrative, technical and physical aspects of protecting the privacy and security of all  types of data.   

Our packages are designed to address privacy and security related risk management decision making about the best practices for the protection of client and employee data.

Our team will guide you in developing an overall cyber culture and a complementing strategy for implementation of policies by utilizing a variety of learning environment options for staff, owners and vendors. 

We are not an IT Vendor!!

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Privacy & Security Risk Management

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"Peace of Mind

Comes With A Plan" 

​​We live in a complicated technology culture today.  Access to personal information can be obtained with a click of a button in the middle of the night by most anyone.  I encourage us all to be cautious with our trust when sharing  our personal or business information today.  Education is the best way to minimize your exposure to a compromise of information.  We provide that for our insurance professionals so they can share it with others. 

"Peace of Mind Comes With A Plan"

Laurie VanderWal