There are a multitude of resources to educate yourself in the arena of protecting personal or business information.  In our courses for both business professionals and insurance professionals we rely on these web resources, too.

1. Keep  our children safe; Did you know that your child may be a victim of identity theft and you don't even know it!  Checking your children's credit reports annually is a great way to ensure no one else is using their credit.

2. This link offers answers on why a CREDIT FREEZE may benefit your child.  It may not be practical for you, but it can be a great tools for minors.  And, there may not be a cost to freeze your child's credit as they are a minor.  

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​3.  Where does your information go in a day?  Watch this clip and you'll find out...

4.  Consumer Identity Theft...Click here

5.  If you have been a victim of tax identity theft or fraud or want tips,, tools and resources in this arena...Click here

6.  Learn how to get an accounting of your medical records/history...Click here

To get protection for your and your family today, enroll in our recommended identity theft product.  

To get legal protection for a variety of circumstances, challenges and ongoing issues, enroll in our legal plan option.  Get your will done, too.!

In today's complicated culture, we ALWAYS encourage our clients, friends and family to consider a legal plan.  The value is invaluable!  From trivial to traumatic this plan can respond and respond well!

Consumer Resources...

We love to be in the classroom with both business owners and staff when discussing the framework for protecting business, employee and customer information.  These resources are focused on business issues in the arena of protecting personal or business information, and compliance.  

You'll find valuable tips, tools and resources, but don't hesitate to CALL US to be your partner for all things cyber!

1. This is a DIY guide for business provided by the FTC.. Click here

​​2.  The general website for the Federal Trade Commission

3.  Learn how to obtain your free credit report through the FTC portal...Click here

4.  Data breach management tools...Click here

5.  Offer your employees an identity theft monitoring product and use the benefit as a mitigation tool in compliance.   We have employee benefits you can offer. 

Contact Information

Business Resources....

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​​We live in a complicated technology culture today.  Access to personal information can be obtained with a click of a button in the middle of the night by most anyone.  I encourage us all to be cautious with our trust when sharing  our personal or business information today.  Education is the best way to minimize your exposure to a compromise of information.  We provide that for our insurance professionals so they can share it with others. 

"Peace of Mind Comes With A Plan"

Laurie VanderWal


"Peace of Mind

Comes With A Plan"