"Peace of Mind

Comes With A Plan" 

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​​We live in a complicated technology culture today.  Access to personal information can be obtained with a click of a button in the middle of the night by most anyone.  I encourage us all to be cautious with our trust when sharing  our personal or business information today.  Education is the best way to minimize your exposure to a compromise of information.  We provide that for our insurance professionals so they can share it with others. 

"Peace of Mind Comes With A Plan"

Laurie VanderWal


We're passionate about education

We love to be in the classroom  facilitating a good discussion on cyber compliance, teaching an insurance course or sharing with our business clients how to create a cyber posture that withstands the test of time.   

Our courses stay on top of industry changes offering current and relevant material...and we are told we do it well.  

We offer the  toolkit for cyber assessments from  RiskSmart Advisors  along with their policies, and training which are awesome. We are making a difference for our clients. 

Compliance posturing is just not an option anymore.  Every business must make an ethical, legal and moral commitment to protecting data.  We hope you'll choose us to grow your business cyber risk management WISP.   

We offer a multitude of tips, tools and resources to our students and business clients. For more information on how to receive our free tips, tools and resources for business owners, professionals and consumers or to get additional training for a business visit our website:  


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Very Interesting, great information and the teacher was great to listen to...
Very well presented, concise!
Very eye opening, will definitely take this information and share with my office. 
It is not often you find a thought provoking CE class, thank you.
One of the very few CE classes where the day flew by due to her excellent and interesting presentation. 
Energetic,  informative and a great speaker!
Have been to several courses for ethics, this class was by far the most interesting!
You were fantastic, thank you, very informative, easy to follow, very well-spoken, great sessions, pleasantly surprised, extremely useful and beneficial. 
 Very knowledgeable and articulate instructor. 
Laurie's dedication certainly comes through in her presentation, thank you!  

You Rock, Thank you!

We are grateful for our students.  We all learn because they come, share and participate in the discussion.  I love it when a student shares they've implemented an idea or shared a resource they learned about with others. 

Laurie VanderWal


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