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Comes With A Plan" 

Laurie VanderWal, Owner

Our custom curriculum on privacy and security compliance will assist you in the development and implementation of your own business privacy and security policies. 

As an industry expert we will teach you how to be in the driver's seat as you create and  implement your privacy and security compliance framework. 

Your business needs training support which is why we offer a variety of education learning environments for your unique staff and business. 

We offer solutions to both insurance professionals and the business community at large on  compliance of privacy and security for all types of data. 

We are not an IT Vendor!!

Privacy and security risk management

How to reach us...

We provide a solution utilizing a commonsense approach to the problem you and your business have in managing ongoing privacy and security compliance and the implementation of those policies that support the mission statement.  We are the best choice for risk management consulting on all privacy and security concerns. Our customized approach creates a learning environment for successful culture change on privacy and security of all types of data within your organization. 

We are NOT an IT vendor!

Administrative office:

Bellevue NE 68005 


Or...Use our contact page, we will respond promptly. Thank you for checking with us. 

What type of information is covered in a compliance policy for privacy and security? 

​Here are some examples...

Mobile device use policy

Vendor access management

Outside office connecting

Password management

Network security

Email management rules

Destruction of data timelines

Social media posting

Website privacy policy